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European Exterior Wall  Murals - Gallery 1

 Exterior wall murals for your home or business - a very traditional European way

to  enhance the exterior of your home - it adds charm and atmosphere. 

Wall murals with landscape scenery, wildlife and unique trompe l' oeil paintings

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  European wall murals    1    

  european wall mural bakery      european wall mural bakery detail

    European wall mural for bakery in Colorado Springs



european exterior wall mural         european wall mural moose antlers

  European wall mural and window treatments                                   Wall mural - faux painted moose antler, Grand Lake , CO


european wall mural blacksmith

 Exterior wall mural - the blacksmith

european wall mural mother mary

 Exterior wall mural - Holy Mary

european wall mural zermatt resort

European exterior wall murals

Zermatt Resort Utah

european wall mural cafe


Wall mural - trompe L'oeil painting for cafe



european exterior wall mural


Decorative window treatments for hotel - Wyoming 

european wall mural window decor

Exterior wall mural painting - Midway, Utah

european wall mural explorer

Exterior wall murals - The Explorer, Midway Utah

european exterior wall mural humboldt

Exterior wall mural  - town history or Humboldt, Sask.

18 x  82 foot painting on bank building


Bauernmalerei European wall murals and decorative wall paintings - Canvas murals

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