A few comments from our customers about our custom paintings.

We appreciate your feedback and we enjoyed working on your projects

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 Family crests murals


... Thank you again for the beautiful stall plaque.  It has raised quite a storm.  Several people have 

asked for your information. The color is perfect!  The painting is amazing!  

Thank you!  Denise / MN

 The paint work is magnificent!
 I am beside myself.  Such detail, such perfection is beyond my gratitude.  It is difficult for me to comprehend that 

 this work was done by hand.  Only a steady, skilled hand and eyes sharp as eagle could breathe life to such a 

 small image.   At times, I just stare in amazement at the work.  Truly, a family heirloom.

 M. V. Kansas

. ...it arrived this morning and it's BRILLIANT. You have done a fantastic job, really excellent. 
 Thank you so much. All the best,
 Duncan L. UK

They are absolutely wonderful!  I can't thank you enough. .... I don't just like the ornaments I absolutely LOVE them,

 I just can't get over their beauty. 

 Barb, IL

.....  the ornament is beautiful and is sure to make my sister cry... with joy of course!  It looks just like her!

Trina / CA

 The family tree is amazing, they love it! It's the best gift we've ever got them. The colors are fantastic and vibrant! 

 Its something they'll always have, were all over the moon. A lot of people are asking where we got it, 
 I hope you don't mind I've been giving them your website link. I can't thank you enough for the amazing 
 gift you've created. 
 Catherine , IRELAND 

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It is absolutely beautiful and wonderful!  We are all very impressed and excited 

 for this to be part of our family heritage.

 Jessica A.  WA

We got the painting today. I really liked it when I saw the picture
you sent. Now we've seen the real thing, we love it! .... Thank you and your
wife very much for your effort in this. Jack and I will treasure this.

Tom / Alaska

I just received the crest the other day and I cannot thank you enough for your beautiful work. I am off to leave 

 you the best recommendation I can think of and once again I am very appreciative of the fast delivery.
 Jeanie , TN

 This is really incredible! What beautiful work -- thank you so much. We will be thrilled to have it in our home for 

 many years to come. It is a very moving piece -- as if it had layers of history attached to it

 Thank you again.

 Claudia B.  Oregon 

  ...  my painting has arrived and it is everything I could have wanted. You did an incredible job and I just know 
 it will be a big hit. Thank you again for you professional service, great help and amazing results.
 I will definitely recommend you.

 Just wanted to send you a note to let you know that Sarah was amazed with Nathaniel's Portrait. 

 She cried and soon as she saw it which was my desired effect :-)

 A. L. / Colorado Springs / Co

 I received your print a few weeks ago about the cardinals sitting on a branch and just wanted to say  

 how beautiful it is and to thank you for sending it so quickly.  I was going to use it as a tattoo, but 

 decided to frame it in our kitchen with the rest of our bird prints.

  I continue to enjoy your web site, so please keep it wonderful.


  Kelli J.  Ontario

 I did receive the box and it's amazingly beautiful! Thank you so much! My husband loved it and it made our 

 day even more special!
 Veronica - VA

 Oh My word! It's beautiful! I absolutely love it! I know that B. will love it too!

 Thank you for your work. We will treasure it and pass it down  to our children.

Tiffany,   CO

 Wow! That looks awesome to me ….Thanks for your great work - it should make for a special gift.
 Much thanks,
 Tom S.
  Anchorage, AK

Today I received the Coat of Arms art work you completed. It is excellent! I think the Heralds at 

the Royal College of Arms in London would be impressed. I will be  a return customer.                                                      

Richard H. New York

The family crest plate looks wonderful! Thanks again!

Kim NJ

Wow! This is beautiful!!! Thank you so much! 

Jessica G.  California

Thank you so much for painting our family tree. We think it turned out beautifully, it is so much fun                  

to look at it,… Thank you again for all the work you did to create such a lovely picture   

A.W. Arizona

Oh my gosh!!! It is BEAUTIFUL! You did a wonderful job! Thank you for the fast shipping as well!           

I was so worried about it arriving on time, but you have put my mind at ease!

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know!…..

 You two were amazing, and have impressed a memory that will last a lifetime, both for myself and father.

C.A.H.  Windermere / Florida

Hi  Gerhard  - Thanks so much it looks fantastic!!

We greatly appreciate you accommodating us…...  It is a pleasure working with you.

M.& P. Toronto, Ontario

Gerhard that looks great! Thank you.,

T.F. Minneapolis, MN

The plaque looks great and my dad really loved it.  Thank you so much! 

A.T. Spokane, WA

Hallo,  die Lieferung kam an Silvester …… Eine sehr schöne Arbeit. Vielen Dank.   A.D.   Germany

I just received the Family Crest and it looks amazing! Beautiful!

Jesse B.     Florida


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