Brushstroke Creations

Personalized hand painted Christmas ornaments --  Exclusive portrait glass ornaments of people and pets

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Our ornaments are individually hand painted by the artists, created with much detail and high artistic skills.

A touch of old world flair, floral, ornamental or nature's wonderful creations are used as motifs, to give every Christmas ornament 

a warm, unique appearance - works of art - which will compliment your Christmas tree. Of  course there are also many other 

motifs which can be used all  year round as delightful decoration or to give a gift of appreciation.

 Below we have few examples of our hand painted Christmas ornaments- 

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Christmas ornament with robin 

Glass ornament - European robin

 christmas ornament with pinecones   edelweiss christmas ball ornament

Glass ornaments - pinecones and Edelweiss 

red fox christmas ornament

Hand painted glass ornaments - red fox 


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