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ML Mural Art  is offering " FREE Online Painting Classes" 

Our series of online  painting classes include  Bauernmalerei Basic and Bauernmalerei Advanced 

You will be taught authentic Bauernmalerei techniques based upon traditional cabinet/chest patterns as well 

as Gerhard's Bauernmalerei painting. I would like to introduce you to 

a Bauernmalerei painting style which has been past on to me from my family in Austria/Europe

Our classes are created to enjoy painting, the instructions are easy to understand and supported with videos, worksheets

and pictures through out each project.

These workshop is a great support for painters who are discovering Bauernmalerei or which already know about 

Bauernmalerei, but would like to try a new approach.

BAUERNMALEREI is not only about painting flowers - it has a wealth of decorative possibilities. Faux painted marble, wood gaining,

veneer painting, Kleister techniques, antiquing and decorative line work are completing the Bauernmalerei painting.

Also there are symbols and signs with deep meaning and of course religious and country scenery enhanced with baroque design.

All those wonderful additions to Bauenmalerei we will have in our ongoing Bauernmalerei series.

For now we have prepared our BAUERNMALEREI BASIC which gets you started to discover Bauernmalerei in a different way -

fun, uncomplicated, relaxed... and I am quite sure in the future you will discover - develop you own style which reflects your heritage

with your personal design and color combinations.

More info about our  Bauernmalerei - Basic   - Bauernmalerei Level TWO  


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About your instructor 

Bauernmalerei has numerous styles of expressions, as each folk artist developed his/her own trade mark. 

In our Bauernmalerei online classes Gerhard will teach you his painting style, which has been passed on in his family 

(Austria - Europe) through generations of fine artists and folk artists.

Over 30 years of painting and teaching Bauernmalerei and Decorative Painting in various art classes in Austria, Germany, 

Canada and the USA, Gerhard has always enjoyed painting with his students. In almost every class there has been new 

challenging projects which turned out to be a joyful painting experience for the students and Gerhard.

( Online Classes can be taught in English and German )

Gerhard's online workshops are constructed for beginners and advanced painters to have an easy relaxed working experience.  

You will be taught in several decorative painting techniques, learn how to shade and highlight and brushstroke techniques, 

color mixing and how to design your own patterns. Also you will be taught in authentic Bauernmalerei faux painting techniques 

( wood graining - marbling - Kleister-painting - antiquing ) for furniture and keepsakes.

Decorative painting -  enhanced with elements of the "Bauernmalerei" gives us the possibility to create free and uncomplicated works.

If you are interested to attend one of Gerhard's online painting classes please  send a short note  "class info". 

With the quarterly newsletter you will be always informed about upcoming online classes - painting news - free patterns etc.

In our Online workshops we will communicate per e-mail - you will receive my artistic support from start to finish.

Please make sure by signing up to our online painting class to provide us with your current e-mail address and that

you are able to receive mail from mlstudio@painted-house.net

In our online workshops you will receive,...

  •  Personalized artistic support
  •  Instructional worksheets in PDF format, via e-mail
  •  Painting instruction on CD-R and Instructional videos in standard and HD - format
  • If you wish, we will provide feedback and suggestions how to improve your painting project.
  •  Free Patterns
  •  Custom designed patterns for your project
  •  Color examples
  •  Material list
  •  Painting instructions in Bauernmalerei faux finishing techniques, marbleizing, wood graining,  
  •  Kleister -painting and antiquing.
  •  Brushstroke techniques
  •  Learn how to paint highlights and shadows to create dimension to your painting.
  •  With a simple method you learn how to create your own Bauernmalerei design.
  •  Color mixing techniques 
  •  Our quarterly Newsletter

We've got you interested - wonderful ! 

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