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Gerhards's Bauernmalerei 

Authentic Bauernmalerei paintings - traditional and more...

  In addition to our Bauernmalerei Basic ( Level ONE) I would like to suggest to you our LEVEL TWO workshop.

  In our DVD workshop I would like to teach you the authentic Bauernmalerei style. In a wet on dry and wet in wet technique

you will learn several types of roses and tulips, vases, grapes and birds.  Also typical Bauernmalerei baroque designs ... 

rocaillen and scroll work, and so much more.... did you ever try to paint a pomegranate ?  

It's a wonderful fruit for a Bauernmalerei motif ! All flowers, rocaillen, leaves etc. you will learn are 

based on original Bauernmalerei paintings which have been used with the same painting technique 

on authentic Bauernmalerei cabinets and chests.


In our brief introduction video   you can see a bit of info about  Bauernmalerei Level TWO  

The DVD has approx.  4 1/2 hours of easy to understand - 38 enjoyable painting lessons !

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A few examples of our painting lessons



Stylized Farmer Rose

Small Flowers - stylized

Flame Tulip




Bauernmalerei Rocaillen

Baroque Vase 





... and so much more !

This workshop will lead you with step by step instructions through every subject - brushstroke techniques,   painting a variety 

of flowers  - for our project, you will finish a large decorative plaque which will be a great piece of wall decor for your home.

For the finishing touch, if you wish you can apply an antiquing technique which gives your work project an extra flair.


To round off the workshop - I have added a variety of pictures of original Bauernmalerei furniture,

photos which I have taken in a museum in Austria. 

 Bauernmalerei Level TWO is suitable for starters to get the most important elements of this art form and also  

a great addition for advanced painters who like to explore a different way of painting Bauernmalerei.

If you do like to purchase our authentic Bauernmalerei workshop, 

approx 4 hours 20 min. 2 DVD's + 1 CD  featuring all 

4 chapters - 38 painting lessons - patterns and example of original Austrian furniture paintings

Your price would be

48.00  USD + postage/handling

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Bauernmalerei - Level TWO

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