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Gerhards's Bauernmalerei Painting 


See Bauernmalerei Level TWO  

Authentic Bauernmalerei paintings - traditional and more...

 We would like to introduce you to a Bauernmalerei style which we hope will bring you much pleasure and creative freedom, 

to paint and design your own favorite keepsakes.

  This Bauernmalerei DVD workshop will teach you the authentic Bauernmalerei style and also introduce you to my own 

Bauernmalerei painting style which has been past on to me from my family (Austria-Europe) This workshop will lead you with 

step by step instructions 

through every subject - brushstroke techniques,  how to design your own patterns, paint a variety of flowers as well 

a simple antiquing technique. 

 You will finish two wonderful projects, two panels which will be a good reference for your Bauernmalerei library. 

 Bauernmalerei Basic is an online class suitable for starters to get the most important elements of this art form and also a great 

addition for advanced painters which like to explore a different way of painting Bauernmalerei.

ORDER our Decorative Painting - Bauernmalerei Video

Bauernmalerei Basic is a 2 hours / 50 min. instructional video in

 standard and HD- high definition format,

( 4 chapters - 25 lessons  ) and will start with...  

how to handle your paint, your brush and shows you how to 

achieve splendid brushstrokes.

You will also learn how to paint a carnation, a tulip, several 

kinds of roses and leaves, as well small flowers and the technique 

of making small leaves, which can be used very often as space fillers 

for your projects.

Further more, you will be finishing two projects, an authentic

 Bauernmalerei panel and Gerhard's Bauernmalerei, 

and learn how to antique and with a simple concept you will 

learn how to design your own floral patterns. 

This online class will get you started to enjoy Bauernmalerei as it is - 

a wonderful art form with unlimited possibilities. 


What are the projects

Two wonderful panels ( 14 x 8 ) with a traditional Bauernmalerei painting which comes from an old Austrian cabinet and

also Gerhard's Bauernmalerei painting - a motif which has been modified to a more softer painting.

Example worksheet - tulip


Example worksheet - pattern

Project - traditional Bauernmalerei

 Project Gerhard's Bauernmalerei

If you like to purchase the full version of our authentic  Bauernmalerei workshop featuring

2 hours 50 min on 2 DVD's and 1 CD  with all 

4 chapters / 25 lessons - patterns and multiple examples of original Austrian folk art furniture

Your price would be

38.00  USD + postage/handling

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