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Medieval knight shield -  exquisite hand painted  

Coat of Arms - Heraldry Art

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Coat of Arms - family crest custom knight shields with elaborated details

 Our knight shields  are 100 % hand painted with attention to details - each shield is created in a 

old world painting style, using superb color blending and brushstrokes to assure 

a high quality heraldry artwork. 


We offer several knight shields made from wood or steel, the background color of 

the Coat of Arms can be painted in 

soft white - antique white - soft black - maroon - old gray - gold or bronze wash etc.

Each knight shield is priced individually starting from $ 290.00 depending on the complexity 

of the artwork as well style / size of the knight shield.

Shields can feature your full Coat of Arms, shield of arms only or your company logo etc. 

  Coats of Arms containing highly intricate images may be priced slightly higher. 


For a price quote please send us your family crest image, if we need to make some research - 

provide sure name and country of origin. 

more info about our...   Coat of Arms & Family Tree Artwork    on canvas - leather - 

wooden plaques and watercolor paper


         Heraldry Shield Divisions        Close up pictures of    family crest paintings 


wooden knight shield - helmet and crest display  Medieval kight shield wall decor  4 pointed steel night shield with custom family crest

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Decorative knight shield with Haskins family crest

 Exclusive 4-pointed decorative shield 

 34 x 17 inch steel knight shield - 

border with gold leaf painted rivets.

Chain for hanging

Weight is approx. 7  lbs


Starting from  $ 575.00

Article #   BO-MKS-35




4 pointed medieval knight shield


4-pointed  decorative shield 

27 x 22 inch steel knight shield,

border with gold leaf painted rivets

Starting from  $ 465.00

Article #   4-MKS-27/22

Weight is approx. 6.5  lbs


Also available in 18.5 x 14 inch  - 

starting from $ 375.00 


Comes with chain for hanging, also 

available with leather arm strap 

and steel handle.


medieval knight shield - steel heater shield

Steel Knight Shield -   

Medieval shield - 

steel 28 x 19 inch - 

shape curved

constructed from 

18 gauge steel., 

with wooden handle 

welded to the shield. 

Weight is approx. 10  lbs


Starting from  $ 370.00

Article #   St-MKS-28



medieval knight shield goose

Steel Knight Shield -   

Medieval knight shield - 

24 x 19 inch - curved shape

constructed from 16 gauge steel., 

with chain for hanging. 

Weight is approx. 9  lbs


Starting from  $ 290.00

Article #   St-MKS-24




medieval knight shield wooden heater shield

Wooden Knight Shield  

Medieval knight shield - 

28 x 19 inch, slightly 

curved shield,

 hand crafted from quality 

wood using multiple layered 

glued 12 mm plywood.
Shield is covered with canvas 

and has 4 straps of strong 

calf leather

 Weight is approx.  5 lbs 


Starting from  $ 340.00

Article #   W-MKS-28




steel shield back with handle

Steel shield with handle - 

use picture wire for handing

steel shield with chain

Steel shield with chain 

handle shield

 leather arm strap and

 steel handle


wooden shield with 4 leather straps   

Wooden shield with

 leather straps - use 

picture wire for handing


    ML Mural Art - Rio Rancho, NM - unique hand painted knight shields - www.painted-house.net