Family Crest Details

We love details and the individuality, every Coat of Arms is different in there painting style.

  -  a family crest painting can not be rushed - it has to be very exact, 

the color blending and choices need to be... just right ! 

If this works out ... then the painting will be an attractive presentation of a family heritage.





   greece coat of arms

Greece Coat of Arms w. dragon and lion supporters


  Coat of Arms detail lion

      Lion crest with gold leaf paint


Coat of Arms detail antiqued

      Coat of Arms with antiquing 

Coat of Arms detail gold black

      Coat of Arms - gold / black 

Schuhmacher family crest detail

      Coat of Arms - gold / black 

detail familiy crest painting

Family crest o

family crest detail

Helmet with crown

Family crest on gold wash


manor crest detail

 Coat of Arms with very detailed artwork - 

using gold leaf paint.


leonard family crest detail


This Coat of Armst was a delight to paint -  I enjoyed adding all that detail artwork

marschall family crest detail

A very fine Coat of Arms painting done with silver leaf paint

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