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Coat of Arms and Family Tree Design

ML Mural Art  - Gerhard & Bambi Mounet Lipp

Decorative Painter -  Heraldry Artist 



 Our Services -  consultation - research - design - finished artwork

 ML Mural Art is offering personalized family tree artwork

  & heraldry art 100 % hand painted Coat of Arms  / family crests 

  with intricate details and well-defined brushstrokes.

 Available on canvas, leather, wooden plaques, glass ornaments,

 watercolor paper and unique medieval knight shields made from 

 wood or steel.


 After 35 + years working as mural artists during which we have

 decorated many homes and businesses, we have now successfully

 evolved into a different area of our art work  which we very much

 enjoy, because it gives us an opportunity to use 

 our talents in such a wonderful and diverse new way.


 Our principal art work is now concentrated on subjects that have

 been close to our hearts for many years, and which we can now

 give our full artistic expression to:



custom family tree

Family tree on canvas

coat of arms leather

Family Coat of Arms on leather

Your Project - 

 You like to transfer your existing coat of arms into a work of art or have

 your family history represented as a unique family tree painting -  

  we will be happy to hear from you.

How does it work ?

  Send us your information about your project, any pictures  

 ( jpeg file  approx.  700 x 1000 )

  ML Mural Art will contact you for any further questions 

 and discuss with you your upcoming project. 


 For more info and pricing please contact ML Mural Art - we will be delighted to brainstorm with you your upcoming project !


e-mail    Gerhard     / ML Mural Art

or phone   505 - 871 7289

Rio Rancho - New Mexico


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