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In my numerous workshops, I noticed many times that  it's a tremendous help for the decorative painter to be able to reach back for picture material and pattern references. 

Even if we do not wish to paint the same paintings, in many cases they will jump start a new idea. In our DVD's  we have included important 

aspects of the traditional folk art - Bauernmalerei. I hope they will become helpful for you. If you have any questions or you need any advice, you can contact me any time via e-mail. 

I wish you much joy and success.

Gerhard Mounet Lipp

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Bauernmalerei - Basic DVD LEVEL ONE

A instructional video 

approx. 2 h 50 min on 3 discs 

- with very detailed painting instructions.

You will learn the authentic Bauernmalerei style 

and I also introduce you to my own 

Bauernmalerei painting

 style which has been past on to me from 

my family in Austria


Bauernmalerei DVD  3 Disc

2 DVD with instruction 1 CD with material list and patterns

 USD 38.00 + shipping/handling


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    Bauernmalerei DVD -  LEVEL TWO    

A very concise workshop about authentic 

Bauernmalerei paintings approx.  4  hours of

 step-by-step instructions with

detailed pictures and many great painting projects

All flowers, rocaillen, leaves etc. you will learn are

based on original Bauernmalerei paintings which have 

been used with the same painting technique

on authentic Bauernmalerei cabinets and chests.



Bauernmalerei DVD 3 discs 

2 DVD with instruction 1 CD with material list and patterns

 USD 48.00 + shipping/handling

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Order our Bauernmalerei DVD  Level I and Level II as a set 

Both DVD's for 65.00 USD + shipping/handling - You save 21.00 $

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Bauernmalerei Book

Hardcover, 80 pages, 8,25 " x 11"   

High quality 4 color art print


Look inside the book


( Available in German only )




published by "Englisch Verlag" (Germany)


This is a wonderful reference book, with step- by- step 

instruction  using\traditional Bauernmalerei flowers 

and also showing new  ideas and color

 combinations of Bauernmalerei paintings. 

The book will guide you through various techniques... 

Kleister painting, marbleizing, veneer-painting and 

antiquing. A number of projects with detailed 

painting instructions, 

helpful tips and patterns.


Will be available soon as E-book


           Get our 3 most popular Bauernmalerei CD's which include 

 Bauernmalerei - Furniture Painting  # BAUCD-10 

 Original - Traditional  # TBAUCD-14

 Bauernmalerei Pattern # PATCD-13 

for a special savings price of   52.30  ( you save 10 $ )

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 Bauernmalerei - 

 Decorative painting on Furniture

 A collection of decorative painted furniture in

 various styles with over 100 photos and many

 close ups for your reference. 

 The artist provides tips about furniture paintings

 and step by step instructions from the most

 common Bauernmalerei flowers, roses, tulip,

 wild rose, sm. flowers and several 

 kind of leaves, rocaillen,...

 For future projects there are folk art patterns, 

 each page can be printed out for your

 convenience- photos from original furniture paintings, cabinets, chest, dresser and more.


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 Original - Traditional

 Authentic Bauernmalerei Pattern 

 & Furniture

A couple years ago I took many pictures in a museum in Austria and from a private collection. It is an authentic representation of Austrian 

Folk Art furniture.
You can study different styles and can use those examples to incorporate into your own Bauernmalerei version.

This CD has over 240 pages,70 color photos 

of original cabinets with detailed documentation,

and over 60 old traditional patterns.

Cabinets, beds, chests and wall clocks placed in their original surroundings.

Examples of wood graining, marbleizing, Kleister- painting, floral and religious paintings and more. Detailed description and painting tips will explain each furniture piece. Each pattern or picture can be printed out for a hardcopy.


preview CD-book 



 Available in 

English, Spanish and German

             item # BAUCD-10      USD 18.90


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Available in 

English and German

item # TBAUCD-14       USD 26,50 

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 Decorative Painting & 

 Bauernmalerei Pattern   

 This CD has over 100 pages of patterns and 

 full color photos waiting for your creativity

 which can be adjusted to your desire, by

 enlarging or reducing them. Many of those

 patterns come from original furniture paintings.

 Also are included are examples of

 decorative painted archways, borders 

 and door panels. You will find patterns for

 plates, boxes etc. Apply your favorite color

 combination and painting techniques to 

 achieve your own unique style.


  preview CD-book 


Also available in German

        item # PATCD-13-DEU    USD  18.90


 Chest of Drawers


  Chest of Drawers 

  with Kleister- Painting

  A very detailed photo documentation, with

  approx. 50 full size photos from start to finish. 

  The step by step painting instruction guides 

  you thru the whole project. 

  Learn how to mix the "Kleister" as well an

  antiquing technique with your self made


  Color samples and patterns for the floral

   paintings are included.




preview CD-book 


Also available in German

 item # KOMCD-101-DEU    USD 18.90


           item # PATCD-13       USD 18.90

      item # KOMCD-101          USD 18.90






  Trompe L' oeil windows & niches - 

  Three niches - a trompe niche with faux

  painted iron shutters, painted on exterior

  stucco, a faux painted window in a niche,

  overlooking a lake scenery, and a trompe 

  l'oeil niche with a faux painted 

  window in hallway.

  Each documented from the drawing to the 

  final brushstroke, detailed photos and step 

  by step instructions with over 100 photos 

  will lead you through each project


preview CD -book  




         item # NICCD-11         USD 18.90


 PLEASE NOTE:  Our CDs/DVDs do run (quickly!) also on old PCs. MS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7; even an old PC with 16MB RAM and Windows 95 is fine; 

                            DVDs not ok for TV boxes - Macs only if they have a PC emulator software.

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