Hand painted European canvas wall murals by Gerhard  & Bambi Mounet-Lipp

  ML Mural  Art offers custom mural paintings with European flair. Mural paintings can be created on wooden paneling 

or artist's grade canvas, personalized and color coordinated to your interior.  

Each canvas mural is hand painted and signed by the artist.

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A few examples of our hand painted Canvas Murals, unique customized wall art for your living room, dinning room, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, wine cellar,..

from your wellness area to the swimming pool, the possibilities are endless... and for your business - add an artistic touch in your showroom !


We will be happy to create your own personal mural painting or if you like to purchase one of our murals / paintings showing below, 

please be aware.. 

because each mural is hand painted, so there will be some slight differences, therefore you will always have an original artwork.


" If you have a special request - a pattern - an idea  - and you are remodeling or decorating "

We will be happy to brainstorm the project with you and add your requests into the design to create a unique personalized canvas mural for you.

 It's always been our goal in the 30 years of working in the decorative art field with many private individuals and businesses 

to give our best to each project. Our work ethic has always been to give the client designs that 

they really love and that fit harmoniously to their living areas. We assure you high quality canvas murals with attention to details !



See our unique   PANELS for furniture and kitchen cabinets   

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faux painted door with dog and scenery - canvas mural for kitchen        faux painted door with dog and scenery - canvas mural for kitchen - det

 Canvas mural with faux wood graining - dog portrait and English country scenery

custom designed to be applied onto the kitchen door 


faux bricks and barrels canvas mural    faux bricks and 3 barrels canvas mural 

 Canvas murals  -  faux painted bricks and barrels

Hand painted on wooden panels or canvas  -  approx. 27" x  34" inches

Murals can be custom sized to fit your wall or niche dimensions


faux barn doors canvas mural

 Canvas murals - faux painted door ( metal door with wood graining )

faux bricks and barrels

Canvas wall art with cherry blossoms

Canvas Wall Art - Cherry tree custom mural painting on wooden panels   

-   60" x 32' inches


family crest large canvas mural

Decorative family crest on a 36 x 60 inch masonite board - 

has been custom painted to fit into a wall panel


canvas  mural tuscany       canvas  mural tuscany                canvas  mural tuscany niche

  Custom painted wall murals with Tuscany scenery - Canvas murals has been shipped to be installed in niches besides the hallway to the kitchen.

approx.  28" x  66"  and    47" x 66 " inches

Hand painted on wooden panels or canvas  -  Murals can be custom sized to fit your wall or niche dimensions


canvas  mural swiss scenery in kitchen

 Canvas murals with Swiss scenery - wooden panels are hung above kitchen counter 


 canvas  mural swiss scenery    canvas  mural swiss scenery  canvas  mural swiss scenery    canvas  mural swiss scenery

Wall Art - hand painted canvas murals - wooden paneling.

Scenery is facing the living room - left and right panel are showing the Matterhorn and the Eiger

in the middle is the village of Flülen and Chillon 

 canvas  mural for kichen    canvas  mural for kichen    canvas  mural for kichen    canvas  mural for kichen

Canvas murals - murals are hand painted on wooden panels

paintings facing the kitchen- panels are painted with fruits, nuts, herbs and spices, bread, bacon and cheese, kitchen utilities.

Panels are 10' x 32" and 24" x 32" inches 

canvas mural for wellness room

Tone on tone trompe l'oeil canvas mural on an artist hard board

The inspiration came from the Greek mythology - The Danaides 

approx. 36 x 48 inches, has been shipped to be installed

canvas mural in wellness room  

Canvas mural installed in wellness room. Paintings has been framed in with

natural stones





More possibilities for canvas murals


canvas mural window niche 

 Canvas mural - trompe l'oeil niche - boat   

Just paste the painting into your niche  - CAMU-01

canvas mural powder room

Canvas wall mural - lake scenery    

For your bathroom, powder room,..  CAMU-02


canvas mural hallway

 Canvas mural faux painted window 

Create a window on the end of your hallway -  CAMU-03

canvas mural staircase

How about a hand painted canvas mural for your staircase 


canvas mural in wellness room

 Trompe l'oeil canvas mural for your living room, dining room

 or in your pool or spa area    - CAMU-05

canvas mural in bathroom

 Custom canvas wall mural    

A waterfall for your bathroom - CAMU-06

canvas mural peacock

 Canvas mural painting for your interior



canvas mural winery

 Custom canvas wall mural for winery  




canvas mural wine cellar

 Custom canvas mural painting for wine cellar  

Painting has been framed with a wooden molding - 


canvas mural bathroom

 Canvas mural - hand painted trompe L'oeil mural with lake scenery and arches   

Create a few in your bathroom -    CAMU-010

canvas mural liquor store

 Canvas murals painted on wooden panels and framed with a molding        

Cheer up your store - CAMU-11



 Canvas wall murals are an economical alternative, they are priced less as traditional wall murals, there will be no additional cost

  for traveling or accommodations for the artist. 

  We will work in our studio on your project and when the artwork is completed it will be shipped to you.


   There are  several advantages for you:


    All what we need from you is your specific dimensions, possible pictures of the site where the painting will be - so we get 

    a feel for the place. We love to work close with  you on your project, so if you have any special requests, please send your 

    pictures or  any ideas which you would like to see included in the painting.

    We will be happy to create your own personal mural painting; no mural will be ever duplicated  - you  will

    always have an original.


    As soon as we have all the information to create your painting we will send you 1-2 drawings for your approval, and keep 

    you always informed  about the progress, after the painting is completed and before shipping out, we will take 

    some photos for your final approval.


    Canvas installation is rather simple - much like wall paper, which needs to be 

    applied correctly by a professional wallpaper hanger.


                                   For inquiries or any questions please    contact    ML Mural Art   



                                                                                       Custom painted  murals on canvas  - Wall Art by Gerhard & Bambi Mounet- Rio Rancho New Mexico