logo ML Mural Art  A step by step documentation of a custom designed and painted cabinet.

   This cabinet was designed to complement a spacious living room, personalized with the owners initials, family motto 

   and in the center of the cabinet the 4 angels representing  the four seasons of the year

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                                                    Step by step documentation of a decorative painted cabinet

    Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet                   Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet      

                                                   With a white base coat as primer and applying the basecoat for the panels

                                                                                  the cabinet takes shape.  

  Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet    Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet      

                                                                                After antiquing the basecoat flowers and leaves are applied

   Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet       Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet      

                                               Adding flowers and ornaments, gives the cabinet a full harmonious, delicate appearance

   Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet       Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet 

                                                                                The finished cabinet            

    Bauernmalerei how to paint  cabinet 

                                                                  Growing old along with me The best is yet to be


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