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Traditional Bauernmalerei Austrian cabinet

Painted cabinet with classic rococo design

Traditional Bauernmalerei Austrian cabinet

Painted TV - cabinet with Tyrolean design

Bauernmalerei Cabinet

Painted cabinet - antiqued

TV-cabinet with Bauernmalerei painting

Painted TV-cabinet , baroque design and

 there family residence 


Bauernmalerei Cabinet - Four Seasons

Cabinet with 'four season angel design"

Traditional Bauernmalerei Austrian dresser

Dresser with wood imitation

Traditional Bauernmalerei Austrian cabinet

Corner cabinet with faux painted marble

Traditional Bauernmalerei Austrian dresser

Chest of drawers with Kleister - painting

Baroque painting on dresser

Baroque dresser - antiqued

Sm. Dresser with Bauernmalerei

Sm. hutch  with traditional floral painting

Huth with Bauernmalerei

Hutch with faux wood graining and floral painting

Mirror with Decorative Painting

Painted mirror for children room

Furnier painting on mirror

Mirror with classic faux painted wood inlay 

Table with width decorative painting

 Trompe table for a pub

Bench wih Bauernmalerei\

Kleister - painting and floral design on chest / bench 

decorative painting on mirror and dresser

Dresser with mirror - stylized floral design

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