Bauernmalerei Decorative Folk Art Painting

   Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

   You are welcome to copy and print this page. 


  Sliding Box   -  "The Six Star" Life Symbol, a wonderful design dating back to about 1700

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  Preparation and Antiquing

  Basecoat  with a mix of  Moos-Green with little Blue and Black - apply 2 coats and let it dry over 

  night for the antiquing.

  For the antiquing; I mix Black with some Red and a bit Yellow Ochre - and add water to thin 

  down the paint (almost like a stain- keep some of it you will need it for the finishing touch)

  Apply your antique stain - when dry, take a medium sandpaper a send box very lightly 


 After painting the design I varnish box and let it dry over night- next day I use my mixed antique stain

 and apply strong, when almost dry (slightly damp) I start already sanding with a fine sandpaper, now 

 you are apply to bring out corners or let the antiquing texture the paint.

 When this is done varnish one more time as a finishing coat.


                        ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                    Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp