Bauernmalerei – Decorative Folk Art Painting

   Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

   You are welcome to copy and print this page. 


  Wooden Plate    -  the design comes from an Austrian cabinet about 1845

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  YO  Yellow Ochre                      W     White                           PG  Poetry Green

   B    Black                                  CR  Calico Red                                         


  # 1    PG+ bit B       |     # 2   W+ little PG  + little YO    |     # 3  CR+ little B     |   #4  antiquing  - mix B + little CR and a bit PG

  BRUSHES:   #3 and #5 round  


  After fine sanding basecoat plate with 2 coats of "Bauernblau " -"Farmers Blue". A very traditional color in furniture painting.

  To mix the "Bauernblau" use White + Marine Blue 3 : 1 and a little Yellow Ocher

  Let it dry over night for a the antiquing

  With a sponge brush and a little water apply mix # 4  to the base und wipe it off with a soft rag. When dry, speckle with thinned B.  


  Basecoat with PG, shade with mix #1. Begin outlining the shadow side. 

  Highlight…use mix #2. Brushstrokes are the same as the shadow side.



  Apply two coats of CR. After the second coat use mix #3 for the dark strokes. 

  With W apply very lightly highlighting  strokes onto rose and tulip. 



  Basecoat with YO. Add a few brown strokes (mix #3) into the tulip. Form pattern of vase with CR. 

  Apply highlighting  over strokes with W



  Basecoat with W, and outline with Black - apply detail with CR


  FINISHING:    Apply two thin coats of oil based polyurethane varnish.


                        ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                    Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp