Bauernmalerei – Decorative Folk Art Painting

  Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

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           Palette:          C        Cinnamon           HB      Hartland Blue            B         Black

                                            W       Wicker white        BB       Bayberry                 SBY    School Bus Yellow


           Mixtures:       1.    BL + C    2:1        2.    HB  + bit B        3.    B + BB    1:1       4.    BB + bit  C


            Brushes:     # 3  and # 5


    For the Basecoat apply 2-3 coats of C. When dry, varnish with a Low Luster Varnish. After 24 hours of

     drying- time, base paint is ready for antiquing.

     The varnish will help to control the antiquing process and keeps the paint from soaking too much into the


     For the ANTIQUING I used mix # 1, make a few thick stroked on the basecoat and wash with a moist

    sponge throughout the area. Afterwards, wipe off the paint with a soft rag, keeping the edges darker. 



    Basecoat with 2 coats of HB. While wet, shade with mix #2 from the bottom up and use W from the top

     down (cover 3/4 of tulip). Overstroke with W. Keep tulip moist so overstrokes will blend into the base.



    Basecoat with mix # 4 and outline with mix # 3.


    Space- filling comma strokes:

    " C " strokes and veins are done with mix # 3 or SBY and W for dots, Use brush # 3 balance colors and




    Apply two coats of oil based polyurethane varnish


     If you have any questions or comments- I am happy to hear from you !   

                                              ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                                        Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp


                         copyright© gerhard w. mounet lipp