Bauernmalerei Baroque Mirror

  Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

  You are welcome to copy and print this page.   

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   Approx size 10" by 12" inches


  Use " golden oak" to stain the frame and let it dry really well, after lightly sending you are able to apply

   the baroque design, paint the inside with your favorite green and add some Calico Red as border.


   Start first with outlining the baroque design on the stained background, use Brown ( mix Calico Red with little Black), 

   try to form each single panel, than start shading from the outside with the same Brown. Keep paint dry and set coma

   strokes next to each other to achieve a feathered look. Highlight with White


  Apply two coats of CR. Immediately after the second coat use your mixed Brown for the center. 



  Using Dark Brown, start shading rose body than rose petals from the outer edge, working inward. Should the dark  

   shading not come out softly enough, add a bit of water from the middle of the rose to the Brown color. 

  Blend to achieve a softly-shaded effect.  



  Repeat as above, but use White on the opposite side! The rose should have a soft, gradual transition from the highlighted

  reas to the shaded areas. This will give the rose dimension.

  Overstroke to complete the rose. Use White in the damp area to strongly emphasize the highlights.


 Set SM. FLOWERS with white



  Double load your brush with Green and little Black and apply leaves with swift and loose brushstrokes




                           If you have any questions or comments- I am happy to hear from you !   

                                              ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                                        Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp