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Hand painted traditional Swiss, German ( Bavarian ) and Austrian Bauernmalerei folk art paintings on furniture and decor items.

Custom hand painted furniture - armoires, cabinets, chests, dressers, antique cabinet and keepsakes.

Our gallery features Decorative Painting Pattern Packets and Bauernmalerei books. 

 CD- Books and DVD's are available in  English, Spanish and German

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In our Online-workshops we offer Bauernmalerei Basic and Bauernmalerei Advanced. You will be taught 

authentic Bauernmalerei techniques based upon traditional cabinet / chest patterns as well as Gerhard's Bauernmalerei painting. 

See a preview of our Bauernmalerei - Basic Online Workshop - and  Bauernmalerei Level TWO   introduction video  

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Bauernmalerei   faux painting techniques  - Kleister painting - video

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 Bauernmalerei furniture paintings  


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    Bauernmalerei Folk Art Painting