Bauernmalerei – Decorative Folk Art Painting

   Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

   You are welcome to copy and print this page. 


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    !!  Line up part 1 with part 2 on X  !!  







   HB   Hartland Blue                     YO  Yellow Ochre                   W     White                                PG  Poetry Green

   B    Black                                  CR  Calico Red                     TB     True Blue                            T  Tafty


  # 1  YO+ little B + bit CR     |     # 2   PG+ bit B       |     # 3   W+ little PG     |     # 4  CR+ little B     |    # 5  B+ YO+ little CR

  BRUSHES:   #3 and #5 round


  Prime with your favorite tin preparation. Basecoat LAMP-BASE with 2 coats of HB. Apply one coat of varnish and let it dry over

  night for a  “white wash”.

  With a sponge brush and a little water apply T to the base und wipe it off with a soft rag. When dry, speckle with thinned B.

   LAMPSHADE -  3-4 coats with T. Inside the lampshade apply 2-3 coats with mix #5. Allow lampshade to dry at least 6 hours.

  Add water or retarder to thin mix #1, apply the whole lampshade. Immediately after applying the paint use crashed newspaper

  And dab along with gentle pressure until wetness is gone and pattern stays sharp.


  Basecoat with PG, shade with mix #2. Begin outlining the shadow side. With brush #3 pull a few strokes into the leaves to 

  achieve a “feathered” look. Highlight…use mix #3. Brushstrokes are the same as the shadow side.


   Basecoat with TB. On your palette max a little B into TB. With the darker blue paint mix shade from the center into the

   petal while wet.

   Again, on your palette mix W into TB and apply strokes from the top down- ¾ into the petal. Reinforce with a little lighter color.

   ( add a bit more W )  Outline with TB and W

  CENTER- use mix #1- while wet add short “C- hook” with W and apply white dots around the center.



  Apply two coats of CR. Immediately after the second coat use mix #4 for the center. Divide the rose petal like done with the

  leaves. While wet use W and start to shade from the brown center downwards with long feathered strokes. Reinforce when

   necessary. Apply with W very lightly feathered strokes onto the rose petals. Again apply over strokes with W for highlights.


  Basecoat with YO. While wet pull a few brown strokes (mix #1) into the tulip to divide each petal. Shade with W from the top

  down, about ¾ into the tulip. Apply highlight over strokes into wet paint.


  Dark petal – double load each petal, CR with mix #4             Light petal – double load each petal, CR with W

   Make a short swift “C-hook” and close the petal with a small D-stroke, pick up new paint for every petal.

  Add white dots around the brown center. With brush #3 and paint mix #2 add space filling leaves and veins.


  FINISHING:    Apply two thin coats of oil based polyurethane varnish.



                        ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                    Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp