Bauernmalerei – Decorative folk art painting on pine chest

  Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

  You are welcome to copy and print this page.   


   Pine Chest        See the FREE pattern gallery









      For preparation stain chest with Golden Oak, when dry use very fine sandpaper and sand very lightly.

      approx. size of chest  12 " x  8" x  5"



       W     White                                PG  Poetry Green                   YO    Yellow Ochre

       B    Black                                    CR  Calico Red                     TB     True Blue                            


          # 1   PG+ bit B       |     # 2  PG + little W + little YO   |     # 3 CR+ little B     |    # 4  TB+ little W + bit  B 


      Apply two coats of CR. Immediately after the second coat use mix #3 for the center. 


      Using Dark Brown mix #3- start shading rose body than rose petals from the outer edge, working inward. Should the dark  

       shading not come out softly enough, add a bit of water from the middle of the rose to the Brown color. Blend to achieve a 

       softly-shaded effect.  

     I would like to  remind you to make beautiful brush strokes and to keep the rose slightly damp. It will probably be challenging 

       for beginners to keep the rose damp until it is finished, however, after a few attempts, you will find the correct mixture and the

       best method for yourself


       Repeat as above, but use White on the opposite side! The rose should have a soft, gradual transition from the highlighted

       areas to the shaded areas. This will give the rose dimension.

     Overstroke to complete the rose. Use White in the damp area to strongly emphasize the highlights.

     White dots can be placed in the circle for the pollen.


      SM. FLOWERS:

      Double load your brush for each petal,  with mix #4   and little W      

       Make a short swift “C-hook” and close the petal with a small D-stroke, pick up new paint for every petal.

      Add yellow dots around the brown center.  



       Double load your brush with mix 2 and little B and apply leaves with swift and loose brushstrokes

         With brush #2 and paint mix #1 add space filling leaves and veins.



                           If you have any questions or comments- I am happy to hear from you !   

                                              ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                                        Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp