Bauernmalerei Decorative Folk Art Painting

   Free decorative painting pattern for you to enjoy, use it as it is or modify to your need.

  You are welcome to copy and print this page.   


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    PALETTE:       FB     Frosted Berry         PG   Poetry Green

                                          W      Wicker White          HG  Harvest Gold

                                          B       Black                       CR  Calico Red            BC    Buttercrunch

  MIXTURES   1.      PG+ W (1:1)+ pit HG              2.      B+ PG    2:1                    3.      B+ CR

  BRUSHES:        #3 and #5 round

  PREPARATION:    On Tin- If not already  pre-primed, do so with your favorite tin preparation.

                                        On Wood -  sand and basecoat as needed  

  Start painting leaves first, than the flowers.


  Basecoat with PG. While still whet, outline the shadow side with a stroke of mix #2. Blend the stroke

  Into the base using a bit of water. For the light side use the same technique, using mix #1. While the

  Base is still wet, reinforce. When the leaves are dry, add thin detailed lines with mix #2 using brush #3

  ( on the shadow side only !).


  Apply two coats of CR. When second coat is applied start painting immediately to keep it wet until

  finished. Use brown (mix #3) for the center. Pull one stroke- from the top to the middle-  to divide the

  rose body from the petals. After the stroke is completed, blend it into the base with a little water.

  With W start on the inside center panel, blending with little W into the base ( almost like a glaze ).

  Pull a soft fat comma stroke, left and right from the petal. Reinforce some W strokes for highlights.

  When you work on the rose-petals, keep it moist. Outline half of the petal with W and shade into the petal.

  Reinforce with W apply white over strokes, .  thin thick  thin.  


  Apply two coats of CR. Immediately after the second coat, blend a little W into each petal. Reinforce,

  To achieve some highlighted petals. For the center use mix #3 and add BC dots around it.  


 Leaves               double-load PG with B

 Sm. Flowers      double-load each petal with CR and W.

 With brush #3 and paint mix #2 add space filling leaves and veins. White dots,  with the tip of the

 Brush pick up paint and apply gently dots.


Apply two thin coats of oil based polyurethane varnish.  


 If you have any questions or comments- I am happy to hear from you !   

                                                            ENJOY, HAVE FUN

                                                        Gerhard W. Mounet Lipp